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  • Why choose Camp Brainiac?
    At Camp Brainiac, we design camp with a focus on STEM. We ask parents to share more about their child's interests and learning habits before camp starts so we can make adjustments to our curriculum as needed so everyone gets the most out of Camp Brainiac. Our goal is that by engaging them in creative learning opportunities throughout the day, they’ll be so focused on the fun, they won’t even realize all the learning that is also happening!
  • What does a typical day look like?
    8:30-9:00 Check in, get settled and start day. 9:00 Morning discussion of the theme and a group activity to get our brains and bodies warmed up. 9:45 Small groups activities with grade level appropriate activities. 10:15 Snack & free time 10:45 Theme week activity 11:30-12:30 Lunch and playtime outside 12:30 Special projects every day. Based on the theme, campers will take on challenges and projects to build or create something. They will use problem solving and team work skills to complete the project. One day might be an escape room challenge, and the next a science experiment or a cooking challenge, Everyday will be different and new. 2:30 Activity and game choice time. 3:15 Free time 4:30 Camp day ends
  • What does my child need to bring to camp?
    Just a few things! Lunch Refillable water bottle Sunscreen Comfortable play shoes for walking and running. Hat or sunglasses (optional)
  • Who is behind Camp Brainiac?
    Andrea Hansen, a local mom in the Des Moines area, partnered with a teacher in 2018 to launch Camp Brainiac to help her own kids offset the summer backslide in learning. Since then more Iowa licensed teachers have become involved and today, Andrea handles the administrative details so camp teachers can focus entirely on creating a great curriculum each session. It's the perfect partnership. We introduce our teachers each summer over social media. You can follow us there!
  • Do you offer refunds if our plans changes?
    We partner with schools, and parks and recreation program who often run registration on our behalf. Please check with them on their refund policy.
  • I have more questions.
    Please email if you still have questions.
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